2014-01-30 Frozen and vacum packed beef steaks from ZM ZBYSZKO
Zakład Mięsny ZBYSZKO offer top quality frozen beef steaks, vacum packed. Rib Eyes, T Bones and Tournedos ideal for restaurants and hotels as well ...
2014-01-30 15th Anniversary Comptetition for Clients of ZM ZBYSZKO
Zakłady Mięsne ZBYSZKO celebrated the 15th anniversary in the 2013. We have decided to prepare a special contest for our Cliennts. We have awarded ...
2014-01-29 Zbigniew Kruk received Agro Liga 2013 business award
We are proud to announce that Mr. Zbigniew Kruk, Owner of ZM ZBYSZKO, received a prestiguous award for businessmen dealing with agriculture whose a...


As a meat producer, ZBYSZKO offers a combination of traditional,  well-proven recipes and modern production technologies.
We use all our skills to create unique tastes, and carefully pick the ingredients – meat, herbs and spices.
Trust our experience and taste the best meats and cured cuts, all savoury and simply exceptional.

                                                     Zbigniew Kruk, Owner

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